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Tame Tension & Relieve Pain With Massage Therapy

person getting a shoulder massageWhether you’re seeking to unwind from the stress of work, parenting or both, or hoping to get pain relief, massage therapy at West Lothian Chiropractic may benefit you.

You don’t need to be a chiropractic patient at the clinic to get massage therapy here. We offer a remedial form of massage therapy given using the hands, with no instruments involved.

Types of Massage
We Offer


It’s not necessary to be active in sport to benefit from sports massage. This type of massage will soothe tension or stress while reducing aches and pains. Our massage therapists are trained and experienced in sports massage and will tailor their methods to your condition.

A sports massage is also effective for addressing work-related injuries and other similar issues. The goal is to restore your muscular function and movement while breaking up scar tissue in the muscle.

Deep tissue

With a deep tissue massage, you can alleviate your stress and pain. At the end, you’ll feel looser, more relaxed and flexible. Deep tissue massage is suitable for all ages, particularly people who sit at a desk, have neck and shoulder tension or suffer from improper posture.

Functional cupping

With this technique, the therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. There are many reasons why patients elect to get cupping. These include pain reduction, improved blood flow and relaxation.

Although cupping isn’t painful, it leaves some red marks where the cups have been. Those tend to go away within 2-5 days. Many people mistake them for bruises, but they’re actually just the response of the blood coming to the surface of the skin.


Who can benefit from massage?

We see patients of all ages and walks of life. Those who come in are usually at least 10 years of age. We get a lot of people who have had back pain or general aches and pains for quite a few years and realise they should have gotten a massage a lot sooner. Due to the lockdown, many people have been working from home and experiencing back pain as a result. So they often see us for relief.

It’s been our experience that a lot of people who have taken medication and get regular massage can either come off their medication or lower it. If you start feeling sore or getting stressed we recommend taking a proactive approach by booking a session. After all, prevention is better than cure!

How often should a person get a massage?

It depends on the individual. For someone with chronic pain, we would have them come in weekly to start with to relax the muscles if there is any tension. Once they’ve done that for 3-4 weeks, the frequency can be extended to every two weeks. Then the patient can move on to getting a massage or cupping for well-being once a month.

How many massage therapists do you have?

We have two: Kim Cox and Paul Munro.

De-Stress This Festive Season

With the holidays on the horizon, many people experience elevated stress. Now’s a particularly fantastic time to book a massage. Contact us today to schedule!


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