West Lothian Chiropractic Team

Vivienne Moon

Business Owner/ Clinic Assistant

I started working in 2005 as a receptionist/clinic assistant, having been introduced to ABC care when I developed severe back pain, and was amazed at the results!  I no longer relied on pain killers and felt so much better in general, not just taking away my back pain. ABC definitely changed my life and my interest into the world of ABC and holistic care began…

I had an opportunity to buy the business in 2013, and in the last 18 months moved premises to our new clinic, which has enabled us to have more treatment room space and capacity, we also have a holistic treatment room, offering amazing therapies including massage, reflexology, NLP and many more. In general the clinic is going from strength to strength as a whole wellbeing centre, which has always been something I imagined I would love to offer to the community.

I still enjoy working assisting with clients coming into the clinic, knowing they are going to receive the best care form our team of ABC Practitioners, holistic therapist and clinical assistants alike. It never feels like work, I am incredibly lucky to be involved in such a caring and therapeutic environment!

Florent Battistella

ABC Practitioner

My name is Florent Battistella, and I come from Toulouse in the South of France.

I studied chiropractic at the Institute of French European Chiropractic 7 years ago.


I am trained in anatomy, physiology , and pathology also.


Here in Uphall we practice the technique, ABC, or Advanced Bio structural Technique, which I find to have long lasting results , and I am constantly amazed at the wonderful improvements I see in people who have been suffering for years of pain.


Janet Day

Holistic Therapist

My name is Janet and I am a well established holistic healer working from my treatment room at West Lothian Chiropractic.

I am living and working my life purpose through healing and helping others find their life purpose.

My aim is to bring the mind, body and spirit entwining for optimal health!

Are you suffering from headaches?


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