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Massage Treatment

West Lothian Chiropractic offer first class holistic massage treatments suited to your needs. Working from Uphall, West Lothian we help to relieve pain, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our service covers a wide range of treatments such as sports massage and deep tissue massage to ensure you get back to your best. With our team of experienced practitioners, we’re sure that we can help you out.

I had a fantastic body massage with the amazing Janet. I feel totally de-stressed and relaxed, thank you girls!


Recommend but not solely for sportsmen, our Sports Massages work to sooth any tension or stress while aiming to remove any niggling aches or pains you may have.

Our therapists here at West Lothian Chiropractic are trained and experienced in massage therapy, and hold a great anatomical and physiological knowledge. This means they know exactly how to treat your individual conditions.

Deep Tissue Massage

Everyday actions can take a toll on your body, and it’s not uncommon for you to feel stress or pain within your body. Although it’s not uncommon, this shouldn’t mean you settle with feeling tense constantly.

Deep Tissue Massages work to relieve pain and stress, leaving clients feeling looser, more flexible, more relaxed and greater. No matter what age you are, we can help you feel soothed and relaxed once again.

Specific Injury Treatment

Recovering from an injury can be a hard and frustrating progress for anyone. Wether you’re injury is sport related or just came about by everyday wear-and-tear, our therapists can aid your rehabilitation with our specific injury massage treatment service.

Our aim at West Lothian Chiropractic is to accelerate your recovery speed, getting you back to your optimum as soon as possible.

30 Minute Massage:

From £20*

During this appointment your massage therapist will focus on a specific area of concern. You will have a history taken and experience the amazing benefit of massage. Your therapist will advise you about further treatment recommendations to resolve your specific complaint.

30 Minutes

Prices are fixed at £20 for a first session, *£30 for future sessions.

6 x 30 -minute massage = £25 each = £150 (Save £30)

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1 Hour Massage:

From £30

During this appointment you will have time to relax and really enjoy the amazing benefits of deep tissue and/or sports massage. Sports injuries, muscular aches and pains due to tension or exertion can all be helped with massage treatment. You will be advised about further treatment recommendations also.

1 Hour

Prices are fixed at £45 per session.

6 x 1-hour massage = £40 each = £240 (Save £30)

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Specific Injury Treatment:

From £30

During this session our chiropractor will assess your situation and highlight any issues.

30 Minutes

Prices start at £30 per session

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