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Kate Slattery Uphall ChiropractorKate Slattery, Chiropractor

Since she was 18 months old, Kate has been getting adjusted. Though she originally wanted to become a physiotherapist, she realised that wasn’t for her. Instead, she chose to become a chiropractor and received her education at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

Friendly and approachable, Kate enjoys getting to know patients and hearing their stories. “I love to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Making the Move to Scotland

An only child, Kate grew up on a farm in Australia. She enjoyed riding horses and helping her dad care for their livestock. In 2016, Kate came to Scotland for Hogmanay. She spent three days in Edinburgh and applied for a job at West Lothian Chiropractic. She loves living in our beautiful community.

Taking a Holistic Approach

Instead of focusing on a patient’s pain, Kate looks at things holistically. For those who do come in with pain, she will ask them about their lifestyle and other factors. “That gives me a better idea overall of what condition their body is in.”

Kate also focuses a lot on stress and the impact it has on the body. “Whether it’s physical, chemical or emotional stress, that stress can cause the autonomic nervous system to be out of balance, which can start people down a negative cycle.” She helps to address patients’ stress so they can live healthier lives.

Providing Many Techniques

Kate has many chiropractic techniques at her disposal:

  • Activator Methods® (instrument-assisted)
  • Cranial sacral
  • Diversified
  • Drop Piece
  • Sacro Occipital Technique
  • Sympathetic Dominance
  • Thompson
  • Torque Release Technique

Helping You Get Back to What You Love

When you’re in pain, you can’t enjoy all the things in life that you love. Perhaps you want to garden, golf, mow the lawn or play with your children without discomfort. Kate wants to help you. “When patients continue care and start working on nervous system function, I will often hear things like ‘I’m sleeping better, having more energy or getting sick less often.’”

Outside the Practice

When she’s not in the clinic, Kate likes hiking in the mountains, camping and photography. She also enjoys exploring Scotland. Kate is also passionate about the environment.

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